I first met Miss M when she was turning 1.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her several times since and was so excited to recently photograph her for her 3 year portraits.  I always have so much fun with this family  🙂

At 1-

Now (and with big brother M):


Thank you!



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25 responses to “M&M

  1. She is such a little doll. Wonderful urban shots. Nice work!

  2. precious!! and I love their hair

  3. These are so cute, especially love the last one! I’d be one happy mom to get that!!

  4. They are so cute! Love the curls!!

  5. DSR

    These are great! She is a cutie! DSR

  6. OMG, so cute!! I love that last one. 🙂

  7. I love how colorful these are! What cuties too!

  8. Ok. These are seriously BEAUTIFUL images of some seriously beautiful children!!!

    GREAT job! 🙂

  9. Merav

    What a beautiful little girl – looks like she and her brother had a great time with you!

  10. your colors are so much fun! What a cutie she is and you got great shots of her!

  11. look at those golden curls! precious images.

  12. Awesome job! My favs are the one of her in the doorway turned to the side and the last one – could they be any cuter?

  13. Ohhh..these are so pretty!! I love the color here!

  14. 7,8,9 and 10!!!! Oh I LOVE those! seriously CUTE kids. And I want her outfit! Do ya think mom would tell ya where it came from?! lol! It’s darling!

  15. These are all so sweet! I love the third one! Such great attitude going on!

  16. those curls – she’s so adorable – great light and you really captured her!!!

  17. Love these!! Great work!!!

  18. so cute…mom dressed them great.

  19. These are so fun! What a lucky family to have you as their photographer documenting all of these great stages for them!

  20. Deb

    Ok, I’m the mom, so, yes, I am biased! But I gotta tell you.. Jen is an unbelievable photographer. My kids are beautiful – in me eyes – but if it wasnt for Jen’s talent – these pictures wouldn’t be as terrific as they are.

    As far as the outfit – it’s actually a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs, some things from Children’s Place and Target.

    Thanks Jen, once again, for your brilliance. I have looked at these pictures a million times already.

  21. She sure turned into a gorgeous big girl!!!

  22. These are great. Love urban shots. I love that last one best though!

  23. These are beautiful and what gorgeous children!

  24. Look at those curls! She is gorgeous. Love that location too. It works real well!

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